Lenten study: Breathing Under Water

Please join us for a Lenten study based on Richard Rohr’s book Breathing Under Water.

In Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps Richard Rohr shows how the gospel principles in the Twelve Steps can free anyone from any addiction — from an obvious dependence on alcohol or drugs to the more common but less visible addictions that we all have.

We will meet online at 7 PM on the six Monday nights of Lent, beginning on February 19, 2018. Please go to WWW.Zoom.US, then click on “Join a meeting” in the menu bar. Our meeting number is 446 325 6121.

You will be asked to download the Zoom application and run it. You can check the audio on your computer speakers before the meeting begins.

This Lenten study is brought to you by Faith Behind Bars and Beyond’s Forum on Addiction, which will be held on April 28, 2018 at Christ Church Cathedral, 45 Church Street, Hartford, CT. Please see more about the Forum on the Prison Forum Page.

Hire One – What if each employer took a chance and hired one returning citizen?

The “Hire One” campaign is meant to encourage employers to be the key to providing a second chance to returning citizens by offering employment opportunities to qualified applicants.

We hope this campaign will encourage a dialogue about concerns employers may have when considering hiring someone with a record, as well as show them there are several benefits and incentives to support them. In the weeks and months ahead, countless community partners will be having several conversations with employers and asking them to take a chance and start by hiring one individual and see where it can lead.

Let us work together to ease employer concerns, provide support, and build a workforce for the future.

For more information, please visit WWW.HireOne.Org or send email to CTHireOne@gMail.Com.

Posted on behalf of Sue Gunderman, STRIDE Job Placement Coordinator.

Jim Crow is dead. Long live Jim Crow!

The following is being Posted at the request of Julie Lytle, Executive Director of the Episcopal Province of New England.

You thought it was over, but a new form of segregation divides us and prevents our communities from being places of equality.

Register for the March 21, 2017 webinar: Taking Action on The New Jim Crow

Book cover for ''The New Jim Crow''

General Convention Resolution A183 calls us to discuss Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. Come hear how to have the difficult conversations around the topic that have a real economic impact on all of us and how suggestions about actions you can take to change the improve society.

Photo of James McKim

James McKim is Province 1 Representative to the Episcopal Church Executive Council’s AntiRacism Committee. He has been working with the Executive Council’s AntiRacism Committee and Heidi Kim, the Episcopal Church staff officer for Racial Reconciliation to develop plans for the church’s response to General Convention Resolutions, particularly A0182, A0183, and C019. He will introduce these resolutions and lead our conversation about ways to enact them.

The Rev. Karen Brown Montagno, Chair of the Province 1 Task Force on Multicultural Awareness and Cultural Competency and the Diocese of MA Director of Congregational Resources and Training, will facilitate the conversation.

Please contact Julie Lytle, Executive Director of the Episcopal Province of New England, for registration: executive.director@province1.org or 617-669-8411.

Faith Behind Bars and Beyond apologizes for the short notice.

5 Marks of Mission – Lenten Study 2017

The Society of St John the Evangelist is offering a Lenten study on the 5 Marks of Love (Five Marks of Mission).  As we understand the Five Marks, they are

  1. To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God;
  2. To teach, baptize and nurture new believers;
  3. To respond to human need by loving service;
  4. To seek to transform unjust structures of society to challenge violence of every kind, and to pursue peace and reconciliation;
  5. To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and renew the life of the earth.

Faith Behind Bars and Beyond’s work supports these 5 Marks of Mission.  You can register for the study at SSJE.Org/ssje/5marksoflove , which includes videos and a workbook.  You will also have the opportunity to make comments.  The Society of St John the Evangelist website says

“The Marks of Love are not simply a list of tasks to be checked off one after the other; they are signs that our life is rooted and grounded in the Being of God. The Brothers of SSJE will draw on their own monastic spirituality to help us balance action with contemplation, so that our words and deeds proceed from the deepest places of our hearts, where God dwells.  The resource encourages us to reflect on how we should live, not what we should do.”

Faith Behind Bars and Beyond encourages you to take some time during the Lenten Season to reflect on how you are working to fulfill your personal mission of love.  In your reflection may you find peace.

How California is reducing prison costs

California has found several ways to reduce some of the costs of their criminal justice systems, especially by increasing the use of alternatives to incarceration.  The most important criterion is public safety.

The term “incarceration” is often shorthand for “custody-based punishment”, a phrase which emphasizes prison as a means of punishment.  As Departments of Correction nationwide are becoming more enlightened, incarceration is increasingly regarded as a way of providing rehabilitation rather than punishment.  Now, when possible, out-of-custody supervision (halfway house, sober house, home detention) is both reducing costs and relieving prison overcrowding.

For a complete look at how California is lowering prison costs while protecting taxpayers, please visit Public Policy Institute of California website to see a full explanation of the the cost-saving measures.


6th Community Prison Awareness & Prevention Gathering

The 6th Prison Awareness & Prevention Gathering will be held on Saturday, October 29, 2016 at the Shiloh Family Life Center, 3 Garvin Street, New London, CT. The theme is “Embracing Returning Citizens & Those Transitioning in a Second Chance Society”.

What are the Gathering’s objectives?

  • Showcasing services (housing, employment, treatment, etc.) that address the basic needs of returning & transitioning citizens;
  • Learning tips to help navigate through barriers in the system to have access to services and supports;
  • Preventing crime by networking with community stakeholders to strengthen the community and empower young people.

Who would most benefit from attending?

  • People interested in addressing offender / ex-offender issues;
  • News media;
  • Social workers;
  • Youth and youth leaders;
  • Community advocates;
  • Representatives from community and state agencies;
  • Employers and businesses;
  • Religious leaders and organization members;
  • Housing representatives.

Light refreshments will be served.

Admission is free but pre-registration is required. Please contact Brother Winston Taylor, MSW or Shiloh Baptist Church, New London. You may reach Brother Winston Taylor at 860-889-3292 or Shiloh Baptist Church at 860-443-6046.