Hire One – What if each employer took a chance and hired one returning citizen?

The “Hire One” campaign is meant to encourage employers to be the key to providing a second chance to returning citizens by offering employment opportunities to qualified applicants.

We hope this campaign will encourage a dialogue about concerns employers may have when considering hiring someone with a record, as well as show them there are several benefits and incentives to support them. In the weeks and months ahead, countless community partners will be having several conversations with employers and asking them to take a chance and start by hiring one individual and see where it can lead.

Let us work together to ease employer concerns, provide support, and build a workforce for the future.

For more information, please visit WWW.HireOne.Org or send email to CTHireOne@gMail.Com.

Posted on behalf of Sue Gunderman, STRIDE Job Placement Coordinator.

How California is reducing prison costs

California has found several ways to reduce some of the costs of their criminal justice systems, especially by increasing the use of alternatives to incarceration.  The most important criterion is public safety.

The term “incarceration” is often shorthand for “custody-based punishment”, a phrase which emphasizes prison as a means of punishment.  As Departments of Correction nationwide are becoming more enlightened, incarceration is increasingly regarded as a way of providing rehabilitation rather than punishment.  Now, when possible, out-of-custody supervision (halfway house, sober house, home detention) is both reducing costs and relieving prison overcrowding.

For a complete look at how California is lowering prison costs while protecting taxpayers, please visit Public Policy Institute of California website to see a full explanation of the the cost-saving measures.