Jim Crow is dead. Long live Jim Crow!

The following is being Posted at the request of Julie Lytle, Executive Director of the Episcopal Province of New England.

You thought it was over, but a new form of segregation divides us and prevents our communities from being places of equality.

Register for the March 21, 2017 webinar: Taking Action on The New Jim Crow

Book cover for ''The New Jim Crow''

General Convention Resolution A183 calls us to discuss Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. Come hear how to have the difficult conversations around the topic that have a real economic impact on all of us and how suggestions about actions you can take to change the improve society.

Photo of James McKim

James McKim is Province 1 Representative to the Episcopal Church Executive Council’s AntiRacism Committee. He has been working with the Executive Council’s AntiRacism Committee and Heidi Kim, the Episcopal Church staff officer for Racial Reconciliation to develop plans for the church’s response to General Convention Resolutions, particularly A0182, A0183, and C019. He will introduce these resolutions and lead our conversation about ways to enact them.

The Rev. Karen Brown Montagno, Chair of the Province 1 Task Force on Multicultural Awareness and Cultural Competency and the Diocese of MA Director of Congregational Resources and Training, will facilitate the conversation.

Please contact Julie Lytle, Executive Director of the Episcopal Province of New England, for registration: executive.director@province1.org or 617-669-8411.

Faith Behind Bars and Beyond apologizes for the short notice.